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AUGUST 14 2021

Michelle Natalie

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Show International Celebrities and Game Influencers

PUBG MOBILE officially announced that a select group of international celebrities and more than 70 influencers will take part in the event titled Team Up Challenge 2021. Representing six different regions of the world, each team of celebrities will take part in several matches to determine the champion.

The tournament will also feature a number of prizes for participants and viewers, as well as big news about the upcoming PUBG MOBILE partnership. The event kicked off with the regional matches taking place on 20-28 August, with the Finals on 29 August.

The celebrities who have been selected to represent their respective regions as honorary captains during this event are:

* Lia Clark: Brazilian singer and DJ of the hit song "Trava Trava" (LATAM Team)
* Miguel Layún: Club America professional footballer and passionate esports fan (Team LATAM)
* Pevita Pearce: Indonesian actress and model who will star in the upcoming film "Sri Asih" (Southeast Asia Team)
* Tongtong Kitsakorn: Thai actor, model and PUBG MOBILE (Team Southeast Asia) player
* Rasa Kaušiute: Singer, composer and star of the TV show Eurovision Song Contest (Team Europe)
* Hadise: Singer, songwriter, dancer and star of the TV show Eurovision Song Contest (Team Europe)
* Shoaib Akhtar: Former Pakistani cricketer and commentator, known as the fastest bowler in the international history of the South Asian cricket team)
* Tamim Iqbal: International cricketer and captain of Bangladesh national team ODI (South Asia Team)
Mohamed Henedy: Egyptian comedian and star of "Esma'eleya Rayeh Gaii" and "Sa'ede Fel Gam'a Al Amrekya" (Middle East Team)

The following is a list of the participating influencers, which includes some of the most famous mobile game personalities, such as Panda, Powerbang, Wynnsanity, Antrax, and many more.

Viewers can watch both regional matches, on August 20-28, and the Final Team Up Challenge 2021 on August 29 live on the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel, which will also feature a lucky draw for viewers who will have the chance to win prizes in the form of these items. -games.

Since 2019, PUBG MOBILE has been hosting the annual Team Up Challenge tournament with the aim of bringing together the biggest names in global entertainment and mobile gaming to deliver a series of fun and exciting tournaments. Previous participants have included basketball star and 2021 NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo, international soccer stars Kevin De Druyne and Paulo Dybala, and top PUBG MOBILE players such as Levinho.

Starting on August 10th, PUBG MOBILE players can join in to experience the excitement of the game by choosing their favorite team to win. Then, players can complete daily missions or purchase UC, which will award a certain amount of points to the team of their choice. Points are critical for teams in this event to advance to the Finals and win, so player support will make all the difference! Players who accumulate points will also be able to get rewards for themselves, such as the Black Leather Set.